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George A Jenks

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George A. Jenks; Elizabeth Jenks Johnson; Graves 7-12 William & Nancy Manchester, (twelve grave lot)
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Section: B     Lot: 23     Grave: 2

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"His Wife Emma E. Jenks 1852 - 1905" is on the same stone. Maria Amanda Thompkins of Little Compton, RI (1846-1886) was his first wife.

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George A. Jenks, Portsmouth, RI, 1905; heir Elizabeth Jenks Johnson transfers Graves 7-12 to William and Nancy Manchester, 20 Bardsley St., Fall River, 1993, (twelve grave lot). Enlisted in Co. F, 5th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry as a private on 9/23/1864 and mustered out on 6/20/1865. He lived in Wayne, WI, died in New Bedford, MA on 11/2/1924 and was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Westport. George was a member of GAR Post #190 (R.A. Pierce Post)in New Bedford where he served as Commander. After the Civil War,he lived in Westport Point. Sources: Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion; GAR Dept. of MA, 1866-1947 (Sargent); and Historical Data Systems, Inc.,

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G.R. 3. - gravestone record, Maple Grove Cemetery, Head of Westport, Vital Records to 1850. This cemetery was originally supervised by a private group, the Maple Grove Cemetery Association but now is owned by the Town of Westport and under the supervision of the Cemetery Director. This cemetery is next to Linden Grove Cemetery. There are three additions to the data for Maple Grove not available for the private cemeteries: photo(s) of each stone, a map of the cemetery showing relative locations of plots and the name of the owner(s) of the plot. Detailed information about the stone is left unspecified. Plots of twelve graves were originally sold, but over time plots were divided into one, two, four, six and twelve graves. Numbering is not consistent, so that there exists, e.g., plot 5.5 with six graves, plot 60 with twelve graves and plot 60A with one grave, but not next to each other. In Section A some plots on the East side are denominated by letter names (A - Q). Data and photographs are being entered (as of June 2010.) Note: The pump is located on Plot 173. The office building (unattended) and parking are located on plots 123-130 and 211-214. Please check back periodically as we update and provide interactivity with these three sections. LOOK BELOW MAPLE GROVE MAP FOR PINK, GREEN AND BLUE SECTIONS

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GPS North: 41.62271
GPS West: 71.0578
(Readings from: South gate)

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