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Private Property and Permission to Access Cemeteries

Individuals who need to cross private property in order to visit a cemetery must obtain permission from owners of that property. Please respect the owner's rights.

Terminology and Definitions

Following explanations are to help understand the information provided. Should you have further questions, please Contact Us.


This is the number assigned by the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) to indicate that a cemetery is incorporated into the Inventory of Historic and Archaeological Assets of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The numbers begin with 800 and are inclusive through 899. Numbers exceeding 899 have four digits beginning with 8000. For some cemeteries, the WSP number is engraved on the stone wall facing the road. Other cemeteries have a free standing engraved fieldstone within and to the right of the cemetery entrance.


Icons are provided to access a photo of the cemetery, the forms given to the Massachusetts Historical Commission and a map of the cemetery location.


Data are normally obtained from the gravestones. Illegibility may cause errors. Quality control and further research have been done whenever possible. In some cases, further research results are included as to relationships, marriage dates, maiden names of women, and other information about individuals. Before 1850 some of these data are derived from "Vital Records of Westport Massachusetts to the Year 1850", designated as VR in this database, which was published in 1918 by the New England Historic and Genealogical Society. Other data have been obtained from family records, Town Records at the Town Clerk's Office and other official sources and are identified as such. We thank Dawn Manchester for her generous help and advice, but the errors remain ours.

Related to

This section includes the information inscribed on the stone or monument about relationships. If other information is added, it is placed in "Other Information" with a source noted.

Grave Records "GR"

In "Other Information" for cemeteries, the letters G.R. with a number after it, e.g., G.R.4., are utilized to indicate that the cemetery is the same as that shown in the "Vital Records of Westport Massachusetts to the Year 1850". For example, "G.R.4.- gravestone record, Westport Point Cemetery," as shown in the book just mentioned, is WSP 800 in this database and so registered with the Massachusetts Historical Commission. The Vital Records book is available in the Westport Public Library for further information. Other data are available from the Town Clerk's Office at the Westport Town Hall. Note G.R. 50 interred have been moved to Maple Grove Cemetery and GR 45 interred have been moved to Beech Grove. We have not identified G.R.28, G.R.40, G.R.54 and G.R.59. It is possible that the cemetery is included in this database but has not been correlated with the G.R. number. Further research is underway.

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