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Wednesday Mar 29, 2023  9:29 PM
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720 Main Road, NE of House @ 720 Main
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Supplementary Information

0   Marked Stones in this Cemetery
16   Unmarked Stones (Fieldstones) in this Cemetery

There is no G.R. number. This cemetery is on private property. Owner's permission is required to visit. To date no marked stones have been found, but it is reported that there are two marked stones "RK" and "IK" (likely Robert Kirby and Ichabod Kirby.) So, based on the testimony of persons familiar with this cemetery, we believe upon closer inspection some crude engravings may be found. The property on which this cemetery is located has been known as the Waite-Potter farmstead, however it is better described as the Waite-Kirby-Potter property. It was purchased by Robert Kirby from Thomas Waite, the original owner. The house has been destroyed by a hurricane, but the huge stone chimney remains and was restored in 2007. It might be the oldest structure in Bristol County.

Map Details

GPS North: 41.5848
GPS West: 71.0856
(Readings from: center; Free standing fieldstone marker on south wall with WSP 806 engraving.)

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