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George Sisson

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78 yrs   4 mths   0 dys

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Stone is loosely attached to the base but is toppling from uneven ground and was found balanced with a large rock behind it. Stone sprayed for cleaning 3/25/20.

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0 Drift Road, Map 52, Lot 22 on Town property
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Supplementary Information

10   Marked Stones in this Cemetery
2   Unmarked Stones (Fieldstones) in this Cemetery

G.R. 60. - gravestone record, Tripp and Sisson private lot, on road from Handy's Corner to Head of Westport, Vital Records to 1850. This has been an unkempt cemetery at the site of a former gravel pit. Westport Highway Department has begun clearing the grounds in March 2020 under the direction of Chris Gonsalves as part of a town project to protect cemeteries. New stones are being uncovered and others now can be read better. A statement by Richard Gifford, genealogist, is as follows (March 2020): This cemetery is likely the one mentioned in a series of deeds in 1856-57, not recorded until 1880, from various heirs of Stephen Tripp Sr to Stephen Jr., conveying shares of the Stephen Sr. homestead farm. No size is given, but the abutters are North: Isaac Tripp (Isaac Jr., Stephen's brother), East: the river, South: Abner Kirby (my great-great grandfather), and West: Francis Tripp (Stephen's first cousin). Each of these deeds has language "Reserving to ourselves the right to be buried in & use the burial ground & the privilege of passing and repassing to and from the same." As far as know, all of the grantors ended up being buried elsewhere (Beech Grove, Linden Grove, Maple Grove). This property was conveyed in 1817 by Isaac Tripp to his son Stephen. It was a 14 acre segment of Isaac's homestead farm where Stephen's house then stood. Around the same time Isaac conveyed other parts of his homestead to his other sons, including William (ancestor of Prince Albert Tripp, buried at 311 Drift). There is no mention of a burial ground in any of these deeds. Isaac Tripp (1736-1826) and his wife Edy/Edith Russell (1737-1804) have a cenotaph at Linden Grove but are reportedly buried elsewhere, perhaps here. Edy was a member of the Apponegansett Monthly Meeting but was disciplined for "marrying out of meeting." Isaac Tripp inherited the entire homestead farm of his father, Francis Tripp (1705-1779). Francis inherited the farm under the will of his father, James Tripp (1656-1730), an original settler of Westport. Francis owned the northern part of a 195 acre parcel granted by the Dartmouth Proprietors in 1713 to James Tripp, with Francis' brother Robert owning the southern part. James' homestead was just south of Noquochoke Orchards, which was the homestead farm of James' brother Joseph. James and Joseph, I believe, are buried with unmarked stones at the east end of the Milk-Waite-Brightman cemetery. James, Joseph and Francis were Quakers. All in all, if there are a significant number of unmarked stones in the Tripp-Sisson burial ground, it would indicate that it was started by either Isaac or Francis Tripp.

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GPS North: 41.60536
GPS West: 71.06739
(Readings from: West side)

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