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43 Kirby Road
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G.R. 17.- gravestone record, Kirby private lot, on crossroad from Drift Road to Main Road, Westport Vital Records to 1850. This cemetery is within map and lot 54/2D on private property. (On land of Leonard A. Moniz as of 2006). This cemetery was originally part of the huge dairy farm owned by the Kirby family which consisted of as many as 600 acres and included both of the north & south sides of Kirby Road. Message from Richard Gifford, Hartford, Ct. Nathaniel4(Robt3,Rich2-1) Kirby had a farm "near the small fork in the Noquechuck River, above the bridge." Dwight, "Kirbys of New England" (1888). This farm was inherited by, and divided between, his sons Wesson and Justus. Justus' homestead was located "a little north of the spot where the present Town Alms House now stands, and the old well is in the road --- the east or 'drift' road that was opened to the public about fifty years ago." Wesson's farm presumably abutted Justus' to the north. Abraham6 Kirby "inherited the homestead of his father, Wesson, where he lived and died and was buried." So to try and fill in a lineup card for the Kirby Cemetery, my guesses would be as follows: 1. Abraham6 Kirby (1775-1836) 2. Eunice (White) Kirby (ca 1780-1836) 3. Harvey7 Kirby (1810-1819) s. Abraham & Eunice 4. Wesson5 Kirby (1731-1798) 5. Hannah (White) Kirby, wife of Wesson 6. Nathaniel4 Kirby (1708-1738) 7. Abigail (Russell) Kirby, wife of Nathaniel 8. Justus6 Kirby 9. Catherine (Cornell) Kirby, wife of Justus. The dates (1776-1836) and initials "AK" would fit my great-great-great grandfather, Abraham6(Wesson5,Nathaniel4, Robert3,Richard2-1) Kirby (although actual date of birth is December 11, 1775). The intitials "EK" would fit his wife, Eunice (White) Kirby. She was the daughter of Obed & Sarah (Peckham) White who are buried in cemetery WSP 873. According to Dwight's "Kirbys of New England," Abraham inherited this farm from his father Wesson, who in turn had inherited it from his father Nathaniel Kirby. The unmarked stones are probably earlier generations of Kirbys.

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