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Sunday Feb 25, 2024  1:19 PM
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1912 Main Road, Corner of Drift Road
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Supplementary Information

613   Marked Stones in this Cemetery
45   Unmarked Stones (Fieldstones) in this Cemetery

G.R. 4. - gravestone record, Westport Point Cemetery in Westport Vital Records to 1850. This cemetery is located within the Westport Point Historic District. The Town of Westport maintains the grounds of the cemetery because families have perpetual care. It is believed to have originally been the Gifford family cemetery. The stones have all been cleaned as of June 2023 and stones repaired by the Westport Gravestone Cleaning and Restoration Group.

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GPS North: 41.52355
GPS West: 71.0746
(Readings from: Public entrance gate on Main Road.)

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