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George Franklin Case

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Section: a     Lot: 52     Grave: 5

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70 yrs   2 mths   4 dys

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Veteran: Yes


"Lucretia A. Low, His Wife, Died Aug. 17, 1911" is engraved below G. Frank Low's name.

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Stone was cleaned and leveled in 2021.; Stone states "G. FRANK LOW" George Franklin Lowe was born in Providence, Rhode Island on November 25, 1834. His parents were local jeweler William Lowe and his wife, Mary. Jewelry work and sales was the family business. George's older brother, Robert, entered the business as well. In his teens, George was employed as a clerk but by the 1860 census, he was working as a jeweler and living with Robert and his wife and their widowed mother, Mary. When the Civil War began in 1861, George, who often went by "Frank" (from his middle name, Franklin), volunteered for duty and joined the 1st Regiment Rhode Island Infantry. Organized on the 17th of April, they set out for Washington, D.C. on April 20 and were stationed at Camp Sprague where they served as part of the defenses for the Capital force until mid-July. An officer in the Union Army, George Frank Low was a Second Lieutenant. The incredible 1861 Matthew Brady portrait of Lieutenant Low in uniform attached with our post was shared with us by David (and Cindy) Hiltibrand, Frank's great-great grandson. - Todd Baptista On July 16, the regiment was attached to Burnside's Brigade, Hunter's Division of the Army of Northeast Virginia under the direction of Major General Irvin McDowell. They advanced on Manassas for the better part of a week, culminating in an engagement with Confederate troops in the Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861, the first major Confederate victory. Defeated General McDowell was quickly replaced, and it soon became obvious that the war of the rebellion would be a long, drawn-out conflict. As for the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, the infantry unit headed back to Washington, and was transferred home on July 25, mustering out on August 2, 1861. Frank Lowe, (or Low, in some census and other records), went back to the jewelry trade with his brother. On September 25, 1862, he married Lucretia Allen, the daughter of D. Anthony and Lucretia Allen. Born in New Bedford in January of 1842, Lucretia was 21, and her husband was 27, when they were married in Providence by Clergyman Moulton. Their daughter, Flora, was born in February of 1864. The 1870 census noted the family of three living in Providence with Frank's brother, Robert, and brother-in-law, Fred Allen, also in the jewelry business. By 1880, they were living in a multi-family home on Pond Street in the city but soon after took up residence in Cranston, RI, renting a home at 144 Auburn Street. That 1882 wood-frame home still stands today. In 1900, the Lows were living with daughter Flora and her husband, Walter Little, and their lone grandchild, Flora Neita Little. In January of 1905, Frank fell ill with a strangulated femoral hernia, an uncommon type of hernia that can sometimes appear as a painful lump in the inner upper part of the thigh or groin. Femoral hernias are generally not life-threatening. However, strangulation of the hernia can become life-threatening, and today would be treated through emergency surgery. He was hospitalized at Rhode Island Hospital for the strangulated hernia and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died on the afternoon of January 29 at the age of 70 years, 2 months and 4 days.

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G.R. 2. - Gravestone record, Linden Grove Cemetery, Head of Westport, Vital Records to 1850. The cemetery was originally supervised by the private group, Linden Grove Association, but is now part of Town of Westport property and supervised by the Town Cemetery Director. This cemetery is next to Maple Grove Cemetery. There are three additions to the data for Linden Grove not available for the private cemeteries: photo(s) of each stone, a map of the cemetery showing relative locations of lots and the name of the owner(s) of the lot. Detailed information about the stone is left unspecified. There is only one "section" in Linden Grove. As of June, 2010, the final quality control of the data is being made for Linden Grove. Please check back periodically.

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