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Frederick S. Allen

Lot Title

Williams Allen
Location in Cemetery
Section: a     Lot: 49     Grave: 4

Date of death


Date of birth



18 yrs   10 mths   7 dys

Verse (Legibility: G - GOOD)

On front (East face of gravestone): Enlisted in 20th Regt. of Mass Vol's July 12, 1861, was taken prisoner at the battle of Balls Bluff Oct. 21 & exchanged Feb. 19, 1862, was wounded & again taken prisoner at the battle of Malvern Hill Jul 1, 1862 and exchanged Aug 28. Fought in the sanguinary battle of Antietam Sept. 17, was again wounded from the effects of which he died Oct. 25, 1862. Aged 18 yrs, 7 mo. and 10 days. A youth in years but a Veteran in deeds.

Veteran Information

Veteran: Yes


Son of Williams and Nancy Allen

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Other Information

Date of birth taken from the Westport Birth Book A, pg 7-8. Below Allen's battle information is engraved "A youth in years but a veteran in deeds." A plain plastic veteran's marker on a metal post is to the right of the monument. Front (South Face): A true Patriot and brave Soldier who nobly gave himself to the service of his Country in the great Southern Rebellion of 1861.

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Supplementary Information

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G.R. 2. - Gravestone record, Linden Grove Cemetery, Head of Westport, Vital Records to 1850. The cemetery was originally supervised by the private group, Linden Grove Association, but is now part of Town of Westport property and supervised by the Town Cemetery Director. This cemetery is next to Maple Grove Cemetery. There are three additions to the data for Linden Grove not available for the private cemeteries: photo(s) of each stone, a map of the cemetery showing relative locations of lots and the name of the owner(s) of the lot. There is only one "section" in Linden Grove. The Westport Gravestone Cleaning and Restoration Group has cleaned all the stones in Linden Grove using D/2 Biological Solution for cleaning. Most broken and leaning stones have been restored as of June 2023. Funding has been provided for training of the persons doing the work using CPA funding. CPA funding has also paid for supplies. Information on many of the interred has also been provided by Laura Oliviera, Todd Baptista and Troy Rebello.

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GPS North: 41.62386
GPS West: 71.05688
(Readings from: entrance)

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