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Captain Barney Centinel Hicks

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77 yrs   6 mths   27 dys

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Veteran: Yes


Son of Joseph Hicks & Elizabeth Waite

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Born in Westport. Barney & Sarah Cook of Tiverton declared intentions to marry on Dec. 25, 1795. From the book "Caribbean Cocktails" by Jennifer Thompson." His heirs documented 45 voyages. He would take the molasses to Newport to make rum. During the Revolution he raided British ships, was caught, lost his crew and a leg and was the sole survivor." In another account, "After serving some time in the Continental army he returned to his home and fitted out a sloop for engaging in the West Indian trade. He started on a voyage, but the first day was captured by a British cruiser, but stress of weather prevented the taking of this prize onto the nearby port of Newport, and the vessels were headed for New York. In the violent storm which was then raging, the ships were wrecked off the New Jersey coast, and all hands were drowned except Captain Hicks and five of his shipmates and his dog. It was in the winter season, and one after another the men died of starvation and exposure. During this time Captain Hicks' faithful dog clung to him and assisted in keeping him from being entirely frozen. His feet were frozen so badly that in later years he had them amputated. After several days during which his dog died, Captain Hicks was discovered and taken by his rescuers to a shelter, partially recovered his health and fitted out a privateer, and within weeks assisted in capturing a British vessel, and with his share of the prize he was able to pay his way for a year. For a time he was very successful in his privateering venture but was subsequently captured and held a prisoner of war for two years. After a cessation of hostilities he entered the merchant service, and before retiring from the sea, made forty-two trips to the West Indies, as captain of his vessel. After he had lost both feet, he used crutches and a sort of iron boot. His last trip was a voyage to Africa, around by the West Indies, and after his return he spent the rest of his days at Westport. Captain Hicks married Sarah Cook, of Tiverton, daughter of Issac and Lydia (Gray) Cook, and they had twelve children.

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1603 Main Road, At end of private lane
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Supplementary Information

18   Marked Stones in this Cemetery
1   Unmarked Stones (Fieldstones) in this Cemetery

G.R.35. - gravestone records, Hicks Private lot, on road from Gifford's Corner to Westport, and G.R. 36. - Gravestone record, Sowle Private Lot, on road from Gifford's Corner to Westport Point, both in Westport Vital Records to 1850. These cemeteries are combined into one by transfer of bodies to the Hicks Private Lot. It is located on private property and not to be entered without express permission. Gravestones cleaned June, 2020.

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