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Paul S Agotha

Lot Title

Original Owner: A.W.P. Agotha
Location in Cemetery
Section: A6     Lot: --     Grave: 1260

Date of death


Date of birth



0 yrs   0 mths   0 dys

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Veteran Information

No War Periods Served
Veteran: No



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947 Main Road
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Supplementary Information

6,539   Marked Stones in this Cemetery
0   Unmarked Stones (Fieldstones) in this Cemetery

G.R. 1. - Beech Grove Cemetery,Central Village.Town-owned historic cemetery. The cemetery is divided into several sections, including a potters field and dedicated veteran lots. The sections are identified with a letter and a number such as A1, B1, etc. Both section and lot numbers, or section and grave numbers are given for the interred in most cases. Sections have various size 'lots' within them: 1 grave, 2-grave, 4-grave, 6-grave and 12-grave. Cremated remains are also recorded when known. In some cases, there are no lots, only grave numbers, e.g., A4 to A7. Sections are organized in various ways which can be confusing when searching the cemetery. Arrows have been provided on the map as a visual guide to show how the lots are laid out. A straight arrow indicates lot numbers (or grave numbers) that run consecutively from one end of the section to the other end. A zigzag symbol indicates lot numbers that run consecutively from one row to the neighboring row and back again. All interred in the 'Potters field' can be searched by typing 'potters field' into the 'Lot' box. All interred in the 'Veteran lots' can be searched by typing 'veteran lots' into the 'Section' box. Details on the 'veteran lots' sections (D3 and D4), which are a combination of multi-grave lots and single graves, are given in a separate sub-map. An infants Scattering Field is located on the North side of the Cemetery.

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GPS North: 41.57124
GPS West: 71.08937
(Readings from: Main Road Entrance)

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