Burial records (Interred)

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023  11:23 PM
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Lot Title
Section Plot
Title (mr., dr.)FirstMiddleMaidenLast/SirSuffix (Jr., III)
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No. Name Date death Date Birth Age Veteran Location Cemetery
1 Walter H Burt 0-0-1952 0-0-1882 0y 0m 0d Yes Sec:F1, Lot:28 804 - BEECH GROVE
2 Michael Conroy 0-0-1937 0-0-1870 0y 0m 0d Yes Sec:A, Lot:23, #3E 818 - MAPLE GROVE
3 John Dolman Jr Jun-7-1944 Jan-5-1879 65y 0m 0d Yes Sec:C1, Lot:112 804 - BEECH GROVE
4 Herman A Hart Oct-4-1951 Nov-3-1882 0y 0m 0d Yes Sec:Veterans Lot, Lot:17 804 - BEECH GROVE
5 Peter Lambert 0-0-1960 0-0-1878 0y 0m 0d Yes Sec:Veterans Lot, Lot:25 804 - BEECH GROVE
6 Otis Manchester Jun-5-1918 Nov-23-1880 37y 0m 0d Yes Sec:a 838 - MANCHESTER - BURNS
7 Charles A Pierce Jul-10-1968 Nov-25-1882 85y 0m 0d Yes Sec:F3, Lot:52, #1 804 - BEECH GROVE
8 Chester M Sanford Mar-29-1965 Sep-25-1883 0y 0m 0d Yes Sec:A, Lot:144, #6 818 - MAPLE GROVE
9 Perry C Wordell Apr-17-1928 May-7-1854 73y 11m 10d Yes Sec:a 841 - WORDELL, RUFUS E.
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