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0 Sanford (near 645)
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12   Marked Stones in this Cemetery
12   Unmarked Stones (Fieldstones) in this Cemetery

There is no G.R. number. This cemetery is within map and lot 19/48 near 645 Sanford Road on the same Map and Lot as the Andrew & Ann Sanford Cemetery. As of 2006, owner is Christopher Riley. The deed evidence indicates that this is actually two cemeteries but not divided. The 25 ft by 25 ft section at the west end was purchased by David Sanford from his half-nephew Thomas Sanford in 1879. The unmarked stones at the east end were the "Pettey Burial Ground". These two bordered the north wall of "burying yard of the late John Sanford" [i.e. Sanford-Brownell]. Here is the abstract: vol. 92 page 129, Thomas Sanford of Fall River (wife Sylvia releases dower) for $6 to David Sanford 1st of Westport, a parcel of land measuring 550 square feet (should be 625?), beginning at the NW corner of the burying yard of the late John Sanford, then N along a wall 25 feet to a wall corner; then E 25 feet to the Pettey Burying Ground. then S in a parallel line to the W boundary to the John Sanford burying yard; then W to the point of beginning. Note that there in this deed there is no stone wall separating the David Sanford parcel from the Pettey Burial Ground. The house at 625 Sanford Road, built between 1810 and 1830 and attributed (mistakenly, most likely) to Elisha Francis, was occupied by Thomas Sanford. When he sold this property to Rhoda T. Macomber there was a provision "Reserving the Sowle or Francis burying yard as now walled in on the south side of the granted premises." The same burial ground was sold by Hiram Francis to Elisha Francis, at which time it measured 1936 square feet. This would be the nearby "Elisher" Francis cemetery. When this farm was sold by Squire Sanford to George W. Sowle in 1822, it was noted to be that part of his father's estate "as my Mother improves by her thirds." Since the widow was usually granted dower for the portion around the farmhouse, this was likely the location where David Sanford Sr lived. No cemetery is mentioned in the 1822 conveyance, nor in the 1836 conveyance from Sowle to Elisha Francis. David Sanford Sr is buried in the cemetery named for him some distance to the south. The ca1880 house at 645 Sanford Road is attributed to George F. Pettey. John Sanford's house is still in existence at 685 Sanford Road, although the estimated construction date (1830) makes it possible that it was built by Holder Earle, who purchased the property in 1834. [Richard Gifford, November 2020]

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GPS North: 41.64419
GPS West: 71.10594
(Readings from: center of south wall)

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